Questions and answers

Can I exchange the equipment I have rented if I am not satisfied with it?

Basically yes. Our goal is individual riding pleasure and the greatest possible satisfaction of our customers. The decision as to whether such an exchange is appropriate and possible is made by the local swissrent dealer.

Can we exchange the equipment we have rented with colleagues on the slope?

We would not advise this! Equipment is always fitted specifically for the person renting it (based on your weight and skiing style). This information is recorded in our system and included on your invoice. For your own safety please come to our specialist shop where we would be happy to advise you on exchanging equipment. Our staff always carry out exchanges quickly and conscientiously.

Does your rental equipment correspond to products which are commercially available to the public?

Yes, of course. swissrent partners only offer products which are identical to those available commercially. Our range includes the very latest models specially prepared for our customers – another advantage of renting equipment from our service experts.

Is it possible to buy rented equipment at the end of the rental period?

Our rental equipment is not intended for sale. Our stock always consists of the most up-to-date equipment looked after professionally and kept in perfect condition. As soon as equipment ceases to meet our high demands, it is removed from our stock and disposed of.

Can I use EasyAbo to rent equipment five days in a row?

This is not necessary and EasyAbo is not designed for this purpose. When renting equipment for several days you will automatically be given a discount that is even more advantageous than the EasyAbo reduction. EasyAbo was invented to offer occasional skiers/snowboarders an attractive price alternative. With EasyAbo you get 5 individual daily rentals for the price of 4. Each day ticket is transferable and has no expiry date. Several tickets can therefore be used to rent equipment for family members or friends at the same time.

Can I use SaisonAbo+3 to rent skis/boards for a whole season?

No. Rental equipment must be returned after a maximum of five days for maintenance and safety reasons. Ask your swissrent rental partner about special conditions for renting equipment for the whole season.

What is covered by the add-on for theft and breakage?

Thanks to the add-on, swissrent is able to cover damage caused by theft or faulty equipment. Damage to equipment which occurs on official, prepared slopes is also covered.

What do the different equipment star ratings (*) mean?

In the hotel industry they have existed for a long time - rating via the star principle (*). The more stars, the better the quality and offer, but also the higher the price segment. This rating scale is also used to represent our different ski and price categories in a clear star system. The following conditions apply:

6* - Brand new high-end equipment

5* - Brand new regular equipment

4* - 5* skis in the 3rd season

How can I register for the swissrent tracking system “mountainmiles”?

You have two options. Download the swissrent app on your smartphone and open a my swissrent account. Or go to and register online.

What activities can I record/track and add to my account?

Basically all your activity can be recorded as long as the app tracking is active. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, hiking, tobogganing or any other activity. Miles are based on the actual route traveled as well as the difference in altitude during your activity. If you are in one of the 60 swissrent locations, your miles will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5.

How are the "mountainmiles" points calculated?

"mountainmiles" are made up of a combination of calculations based on distance traveled and altitude. While the longitudinal distances are calculated according to the principle of 1 km = 0.62 mountainmiles, the altitude is determined based on a percentage factor - 100% representing the Dufourspitze. Also if you have earned your "mountainmiles" in a swissrent location, your score will also be incremented by a factor of 1.5 and credited to your account.

How can I redeem my "mountainmiles" points?

For each online or in-app purchase in one of our swissrent shops, you can specify whether or not you want to redeem your "mountainmiles" at checkout. The offer applies to all the equipment in our shops. However, you can only pay a maximum of 15% of the total rental amount per purchase.