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Together with our network of #servicechampions (you), we are making outdoor sports adventure super easy for the modern consumer. The transformation from the former Rentaski AG to the swissrent group AG is now complete. Although we are forging the future of the rental economy and sports retail shops, we haven’t forgotten our roots. Current, top-quality rental equipment and service from competent sports dealers remain a given and have been key-factors in our longevity for over 30 years in the business. swissrent’s vision is to become the ubiquitous platform for enabling and servicing outdoor experiences. Our dealer network, the outdoor community, and our long-term brand and cooperation partners will help drive this vision. Our motto, #whereagreatdaystarts, applies equally: Online, in-App, or in-Store

Convenience doesn’t stop there! We are nothing without YOU, and transparency and trust is the only way to form a win-win partnership.

The Convenience in becoming a swissrent Partner:

  • no up-front joining fees (based on Partner/Member status)
  • unique hardware renting and returns system
  • unique hardware purchasing group with attractive conditions
  • Modern Online and App booking platform in 5 languages
  • low platform booking commissions
  • walk-in shop frequency through long-standing cooperation partners
  • dealer CMS to control Online/in-App presence
  • marketing, advertising, and reporting
  • back-office accounting services for all dealers, consolidating the time needed in their office.

Would you be interested in becoming a swissrent partner? If so, please contact us:

Chris Ongarello CEO

swissrent group AG

Bahnhofstrasse 56

7302 Landquart

Tel. +41 (0)81 544 05 06